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Instrumentation and Analyzers design and Upgrades

Whether you’re designing a new instrumentation and control (I&C) system or migrating an existing control system along an upgrade path, you need to have a well-conceived design package, the engineering deliverables and the design process that creates them. The Experts Engineering and Industrial services company describes the ideal design package and delves into the business of design engineering. It provides you with a roadmap to understanding the design process, the elements of a successful project, the specific issues to address in a well-designed I&C system, and the engineering products that enable practical design and successful maintenance through the following:

  • Performing all engineering work including conceptual designs, detailed design, tendering and material requisitions for field instruments, Fire and Gas detectors and Analyzer systems scopes.                   
  • Liaison and interface with various disciplines and/or clients, contractors and vendors to establish technical direction.
  • Planning and scheduling instrument, F&G & analyzer systems scope. In addition to cost & Man-hour estimation and manpower planning for proposals.
  • Ensure that all instrument, F&G & analyzer systems work is carried out in a safe manner and conforms to client/International codes & standards and quality requirements.                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Performing design of field instruments (flow, pressure, level, temperature, analyzers, valves, F&G devices, JB’s, cables, trays and glands) including development of specifications, datasheets, sizing calculations & selection, scope of works, adequacy reports, I/O lists, material requisitions, technical bid evaluations and vendor documents review.
  • Develop and customization of block/logic diagrams, cause & effects, interface communication schedule, Modbus lists, alarm & trip schedules, instrument index’s, I/O lists, location layouts, fire and gas drawings, cable routings, cable schedules, loop/schematic/architecture/wiring & termination diagrams and hookups “process piping, air piping, earthing details and installation hookups”.                                                                                                  
  • Develop FEED, EPIC and construction scope of works, single line diagrams, power consumption lists, UPS calculations, P&ID’s, control narratives and packages drawings.