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 Speciality Industrial Inspection (stationary Equipment)

  • Inspection: 

Provides direct inspection for in-service static equipment and QA/QC services for repair or new projects.                                                                           



  • Advanced NDT:

 Provide Advanced NDT services help clients to reveal defects and damage mechanisms beyond traditional NDT radar. 


  • Cathodic protection & corrosion control:

 provides a full range of products & services in the field of Cathodic Protection including design, installation, supervision, maintenance, testing & commissioning along with special surveys and consultancy.




  • Intelligent pigging:

Provide intelligent pigging services for pipelines to assess its integrity and define defected areas for repair/monitoring


  • Testing and analysis:

Provide lab analysis for failure components to help clients to reveal the actual damage mechanism, defining root cause, and issue recommendations.


  • Technical training:

Provide a wide range of technical training on welding, static equipment inspection, NDT, and mechanical integrity. 


  • Manpower supply.

Provide professional manpower supply of inspectors & technicians for long term services or short-term shutdowns/turnarounds.