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Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment

What is real estate investment in Turkey? Realistic concepts, terminology, tips and warnings

The real estate investment in Turkey in general and in Istanbul, especially the economic activities characteristic of the world, which attracted many of the leading energies in recent years.
Turkey's top real estate magazine, the in-sun, has ranked Turkey among the top 10 countries to buy real estate for 2017, while data from the Turkish Statistical Institute indicate that foreigners prefer to buy property in Istanbul.
What is the drug? What factors affect its value? How does real estate investment work in Turkey?

Property Definition:

Is everything that is originally stable and stable in its location, leading to its inability to move from place to place without being damaged, for example land, buildings, fences, and houses.

Noorul Shishli Complex - Istanbul

Factors affecting the value of real estate:

Supply and demand balance.

Location and total area of ​​the property.

Rental real estate returns.

Natural factors such as the surrounding environment and weather.

Economic factors where the value of real estate is linked to the general economic climate of the country.

Laws, regulations and legislation relating to construction, demolition, rent, licensing, privatization and other factors.

Social patterns and general taste.

Expected benefits of the property in the future.

Reasons for high real estate value:

Impact of inflation.

The impact of demand and supply on the real estate market.

Improved infrastructure.

Transformations and economic growth.

High cash flow rate of the property.

Property improvements such as decorations.

Reasons for low real estate value:

Demand and supply conditions in the real estate market.

Economic limitation.

Change of government laws.

Urgent sale of real estate.

Lack of continuous maintenance of the property.

The adverse impact of deteriorating infrastructure.

Tips for prospective investors in real estate investing in Turkey:

Verifying the eligibility of the seller or the person responsible for the sale of the property; in terms of having the right to execute the sale.

Make sure there is no other owner or buyer of the property.

Verify that the property is free from the rights arising from the mortgage, lease or any other rights.

Visit the site of the property and make sure its validity and suitability for use in housing or work or the special purpose of the purchase.

Obtaining a copy of the property ownership contract to ensure that the previous owner has not done any form of transfer of ownership, and to ensure that there are no rights to it.

Ensure that the area, specifications and information contained in the title deed are in line with the actual form of the property.

Types of real estate investment in Turkey:

1 - Investment in commercial real estate:

Is to invest in non-residential property types, such as commercial offices, and shops.

2 - Investment in residential real estate:

Is to invest in real estate used for residential purposes only such as villas for sale, houses for sale.

How do I succeed in real estate investing in Turkey?

Collect the full data about the property to be invested.

Investment in areas expected to witness intensive investment activity in the future such as urban transformation areas in Istanbul.

Taking the advice of those with expertise and experience in real estate.

Not to risk investing in a property with major problems.

Real estate + tourism = economic feasibility + Turkish nationality

Annually, millions of tourists flock to Turkey, and it is noted that many of them - especially the Arabs - visit Turkey on a regular basis almost annually, and a simple calculation of the expenses paid annually will show the economic feasibility of property and real estate investment in Turkey in the medium and long term!

In addition, the new Turkish nationality law, which included important amendments to Turkish citizenship, including the granting of Turkish citizenship for the purchase of a property in Turkey worth 250 thousand US dollars, after it was worth one million US dollars in the previous decision!