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Home Insurance

Owning a good number of Arab citizens of the residential real estate in Turkey, there is an urgent need to follow all the laws and regulations in force in Turkey.

Quarantine insurance is part of the regulation of residential properties in Turkey. Seismic insurance is mandatory for the owner of a residential property in Turkey.

Does the insurance rate vary by region?

The Regulation of Residential Real Estate Seismic Regulation sets the criterion of proximity to or after seismic zones as a basic criterion for the calculation of its price. Therefore, the insurance price shows a significant difference by region.

The regulation divides Turkey into 5 regions and sets 15 prices different depending on the region and the proximity or risk of the earthquake. As a second complementary criterion, the regulation divides residential properties into 3 types:

Residential properties based on iron and cement concrete.

Residential properties based on red bricks.

Property of another type "offices or similar".

Also, as a third complementary criterion, the area of ​​the apartment is taken into consideration when determining the price value for earthquake protection.

How to calculate earthquake insurance in Turkey:

The value of earthquakes insurance in Turkey is calculated by setting the above criteria within their places specified in the link below:

With the placement of more than one area within the link, it was noted that the value of earthquake insurance does not exceed 250 pounds, paid annually compulsory.

Place of payment earthquake insurance:

There are many places where you can pay for earthquake insurance in Turkey, but the most important and easiest places are:

Insurance companies.


Postal Service.

The Turkish Official Gazette published on Wednesday, 19/09/2018, the text of the law amending the conditions for the granting of Turkish nationality to foreigners in return for buying a property in Turkey or operating, investing and deposit in Turkish banks.